This Site


Front End Developer


Aug 2020 - Sep 2020

Project Breakdown

This website is a passion project of mine to showcase what I've learnt so far in my career. I intend to keep this regularly updated with new techniques that I come across in the future to keep it as modern as possible. The design should change each time as a reflection of that too. I used Nuxt here instead of Vue, primarly to expand out of my comfort zone. This definitely benefited me though, as the site is blazingly fast, and perfectly SEO-optimized which addresses one of the main issues of shipping with Vue. Alongside being a PWA enabled website, I aimed to get the highest possible score across the board on Lighthouse through best practices and optimization techniques.

Tech Used

  • Nuxt - SSR JavaScript framework based on Vue
  • Bulma - A mix of this utility framework and custom CSS
  • Figma - For designs and wireframes
  • Netlify - Web hosting services
  • Github - Repo management and version control