Fulfilment Media

fulfilmentmedia.com (Coming Soon)


Full Stack Developer


May 2020 - Nov 2020

Project Breakdown

Fulfilment Media reached out to me to get their online portfolio off the ground so they could reach their potential clients easier. This project consisted of a full design and implementation both backend and frontend. They also required a custom CMS accessible through an administrator only page. There were many development aspects to consider such as security, accesibility and UX, all of which I had a small amount of experience with when I started working on this. However, I love to learn and this was a great opportunity to study up and consult with some already experienced developers and UX masters.

Tech Used

  • Vue - JavaScript framework
  • Laravel - Back-end PHP framework
  • Tailwind - CSS utility Framework
  • Figma - For designs and wireframes
  • Github - Repo management and version control