expeditions.com (Changes Not live)


Junior Front End Developer


Aug 2019 - Mar 2020


On hiatus until further notice

Project Breakdown

This was an ambitious project set out by Lindblad Expeditions. A complete redesign and overhaul of their B2C website, with the back-end work being sourced to Data Arts and the front-end handled by Matter of Form. The main goal was to breathe new life into client outreach and capture the company's sense of adventure through this medium. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic halted the progress on this project until further notice. Nevertheless this was my first enterprise level project and, during the months that I worked on it daily, I gained invaluable development experience. This was mainly through the close mentoring I received from the extremely talented CTO and developers (both senior and junior) on the close knit team at the time.

Tech Used

  • Vue - JavaScript framework
  • Vuex - For booking flow data state management
  • Typescript - Typed JavaScript language
  • Scss - CSS Preprocessor in use, the site is all custom css
  • Sketch - For module based designs from the art team
  • Azure DevOps - Agile sprint and ticketing management system