Degree and Achievements


Computer Science BSc.


Sep 2016 - Jul 2019

Student Projects and Awards

My university projects came from a variety of modules and so it guided me to work with specific ideas as the focus to form a broad basis of programming. Two examples of this would be: a program with a GUI to display the pixel data of a CT scan using interpolation algorithms and implementing a nearest neighbour sampling method; and designing a screen-less navigation device using haptic feedback to navigate a user. I also used ASP.NET with MVC to create a web application for creating posts and comments. My final project was the implementation of gesture controls used for manipulating and understanding data visualised in 3D via the Microsoft HoloLens, this was using Unity and C#.

Some of my notable achievements so far include: receiving an excellence scholarship from Swansea University; being the top achieving computing student at Barnet and Southgate College; first place in the Lego Mindstorms 2017 Swansea event; and first place in the Swansea Uni Summer Game Jam 2017.

Tech Used

  • Java - Used in the majority of my university work and projects
  • C# - For my final project scripts and a web application
  • Unity with Mixed Reality Toolkit - For my final project